What things impact my homeowners insurance in Anniston, Al the most?

Insurance rates are like a roller coaster some years they are down and some years they are up. There are a number of things that impact homeowners insurance in Anniston, Al. The things that generally impact it the most are the age of the house, customers claims, customers credit, and fire rating.


Age of your house can have a major impact on your homeowners insurance. However one way to make it less of a factor is if you have updated a few things. If you have recently updated your roof, electrical, plumbing, or heating then their could be some very large discounts out there for you.

When it comes to claims customers can sometimes be in a situation where their rates are not even affordable. In order to understand it you have to realize in most situations companies are not going to penalize you for things like wind and hail damage. Where your rate will take the hardest hit is for claims like theft, fire, and water back up. When looking at filing these claims you never want to file these types of claims unless the damage is more than 30% of your deductible.


It seems that lately probably the biggest factor in homeowners insurance rates is credit. While on the auto insurance side it is one of many factors, on the home insurance side it is one of about five main factors. Some companies are even starting to decline policies because of credit. So here there are two options, first check your credit report every year to make sure that it is not impacting your rates. You can also look at non credit based insurance companies, while these companies may not be as well known their rates are great, the coverage is great, and so is their financial stability.

The last of the biggest factors on homeowners insurance rates is your local fire rating.  First of all a fire rating ranges from 1 being the best to 10 being the worst. This rating is the fire departments ability to be able to respond to a call. For so long people have thought that being close to a fire hydrant was important but it really isn’t. The reason is if the fire department is volunteer, more than 5 miles away, or has a bad rating the fire hydrant is not going to do you any good. Many insurance companies will not do a policy when a fire department has a rating of a 9 or a 10. So you want to make sure you know what your local fire department rating is.

So when looking at your home insurance policy you want to keep all these factors in mind. We also recommend reaching out to a local independent insurance agency in Anniston, Al like Community First Agency (205) 451-4294. They can educate you on how to understand your insurance, how to shop for it, and how it protects you.