Do I need uninsured motorists coverage on my auto insurance policy?

When reviewing your insurance needs or buying a new policy many people opt out of purchasing uninsured motorists coverage. This can be the biggest mistake because of the risk of not having coverage. Many people do not purchase this coverage because they do not understand it.


Uninsured motorists coverage and underinsured motorists coverage are used in a few situations. The first example is if you are hit by someone who doesn’t have any insurance at all, or may leave the ssene. Another example is if someone hits your vehicle and does not have enough coverage to make you whole again. Many people believe that their normal comprehensive or collision coverage would apply, however in many situations it would not.

Chris Greene the owner of Community First Insurance Agency experienced this over 12 years ago when his wife was hit by two 18 wheelers. The first 18 wheeler left the scene and the second one could not be held responsible because they didn’t cause the accident. As a result an uninsured motorists claim had to be filed but fortunately the right coverage was in place, so he was properly protected.

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