How to Avoid High Flood Insurance Premiums

Many people feel they do not have an option when purchasing flood insurance. Since it is a program that is regulated by the federal government they are told everyone’s rates are the same. This is not true at all, many insurance companies do not understand certain flood scenarios. For example many times you can have your flood insurance grandfathered into a preferred zone giving yourself a better rate. Also many companies will tell you an elevation certificate is required this also is not always correct. Many times you can purchase private flood insurance which does not require an elevation certificate and many times is half the cost.
For any question regarding flood insurance in Birmingham, Al contact Community First Insurance Agency at (205) 451-4294 or They hold a master’s in flood mitigation and can help you protect yourself.

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Is Employer Life Insurance the Best Option?

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Understanding Renters Insurance

When purchasing renters insurance many people make the mistake of choosing the cheapest policy. What many people forget to ask is does my policy have replacement costs? What this means is if someone steals your TV will you get what its costs to replace it today or what you paid for it 10 years ago. If your answer is the second part then you have the wrong policy in place. Another question people forget to ask is what is my deductible and how is it paid? In order to get the cheapest possible rate many insurance companies will put a high deductible in place.
In order to protect yourself ask these questions

Do I have replacement cost on my personal property?
What is my deductible and when is it paid?
Are there any exclusions on my policy?

For any other questions about renter’s, auto, or life insurance contact Chris Greene at Community First Insurance Agency in Birmingham, Al. (205) 451-4294 or

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Tractor Insurance

Many people are unaware that tractor insurance is not needed many times. Someone owns a home then many times a tractor can be added to your home policy. If something was to happen to the tractor it would fall under the personal property portion of your homeowner’s insurance. Instead of buying something you do not need contact Community First Insurance Agency in Odenville, Al at (205) 451-4294. They will make sure you have the correct coverage in place.

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Are My Auto and Homeowners Insurance Rates Negotiable?

The question is are my auto and homeowners insurance rates negotiable? The answer is yes they are to a certain point. Many people are unaware that each insurance company has multiple companies within one. They may have a high risk product and a preferred product. Many times if a customer request a rewrite of their policy they can get a much better rate. This is because they may qualify for the preferred product when they didn’t before.
Another reason these rates can be lowered  is insurance companies are always improving their rating systems. So you may have a product that is no longer offered or may not have as many discounts as the new product. So the best thing to do is when you receive your insurance renewals ask the company to rewrite the policies with a better rate. Its also best to reach out to an independent insurance agent to see what your options are. You can reach Community First Insurance Agency in Birmingham, Al at (205) 451-4294.

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